CyKor announces the promotion of a new Chief Technology Officer:
Dan Reed, formerly the company’s Vice President of Technology.


CyKor is proud to announce, Dan Reed has been promoted to the newly created role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This is an expansion of Reed’s previous role as Vice President of Technology. As CTO, Reed will be responsible for leading CyKor’s information technology strategy and development. Reed will also be responsible for enhancing CyKor’s systems architecture approach for continued growth.

“Dan has been my right-hand man since day one!” said Mike Guadagnini, President and CEO of CyKor. “This role was always destined to be Dan’s. His commitment to CyKor’s development and growth, his vision, and most importantly his leadership over the last three years accelerated this decision. When I think of a CTO, I think of three characteristics: Leadership, Visionary, and Technologist. Dan embodies all three of these characteristics to the utmost and I am proud to have him as part of CyKor’s executive leadership team.”

Dan Reed was asked about his new CTO role:

What makes you so passionate/excited about the role of CTO?
“I am really excited to move into this new role at CyKor. We have built a great technical team here at CyKor, which allows for me to really focus on growing and leading our company in technology. I am excited to work with our trusted manufacturers, as well as bring on new manufacturers, to help drive innovation and success for our customer base.”

What excites you about technology?
“I have always had a very curious and logical mind, and technology has always been something that keeps me excited and engaged. I can spend hours reading, tinkering, breaking/fixing, which are all part of gaining technical knowledge. Best part of technology, and my career, is sitting with my customers and having technology discussions. That is where the real knowledge is gained. Taking the industry trends, the customer business issues, and producing an architecture that applies technology to those business issues is what excites me about technology.”

What excites you about CyKor’s growth over the past 4 years and CyKor’s future?
“I have always looked for the next challenge and growth opportunity. When I left Cisco to come help start CyKor, it was exactly what I had been looking for. It was a chance for me to grow by leading, developing, and building something special. We went from 3 of us to now almost 20 employees, and our year over year growth is unbelievable. As most of the people will tell you that work at CyKor, I am always focused on what’s next. The future of CyKor is what really excites me. I never rest on our previous success and will always stay focused and hungry for what’s next. To quote our CEO, “We are pound for pound the best value add reseller in the game,” and I take that seriously. Our future is bright with the team we have and continuing to build!”



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