Reed, a valued CyKor team member with expert knowledge and experience that touches every area of the company, will transition from Chief Technology Officer into his new role as President starting in May 2023.



Dan Reed, a long-time CyKor senior leader who has been an integral part of the company’s growth and success since joining the team in 2017, has been promoted to President of the company effective May 1, 2023. He will transition into the role from his current position as Chief Technology Officer, a title he took on in 2021. 

Mike Guadagnini, current CyKor President, will pivot into the role of Chief Executive Officer, focusing closely on CyKor’s vision, long-term strategy and business development opportunities.

“Working with Dan is a true partnership, it always has been,” said Guadagnini. “He embodies the CyKor passion for service to country and service to customers. He goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are getting the right solution.

Dan has always had this position, it just hadn’t been identified yet. It’s a win-win for the whole company.”

As President, Reed will execute on the vision for CyKor, building out business strategies and assembling the right teams to ensure company goals are achieved.

“Dan knows the business just as well as I do and is more intimate with every aspect of the organization,” said Guadagnini. “He knows how to build teams, and he knows how to motivate and hold people accountable. He knows what greatness means for CyKor.”

As Reed prepares for the transition, he reflected on his time at CyKor and what’s next for the company:

What excites you about your new role as President? 

I am fired up about helping to lead our overall execution of the company’s vision, mission and purpose. We have great people here at CyKor and working with them is a driving force for me. 


You’ve been an important CyKor team member in a variety of roles over the years. Can you talk a little about this progression and how it will fuel or inform your new role as President? 

It’s been a journey for sure. Over the last six years I’ve gone from being the only sales and delivery engineer, to building an engineering team and leading the technical direction of the company, to developing internal departments and implementing new capabilities. I’ve been involved in just about every decision — be it good or bad — that we have made in this company. We have experienced a lot of things over the years, and those experiences are what will help me with this new leadership role. This journey is what fuels me to continue growing CyKor and its people! 


What does the future hold for CyKor? 

We are continuing to hire talented people, we are enhancing our systems and processes and we are expanding our technology capabilities. This is all to deliver exceptional service to our customers. We are focused and determined, and with that mindset we are going to take over!