CyKor is proud to name Phil Williams as the company’s new Vice President of Growth, effective October/18/2023.

Williams joined CyKor in 2021 as Senior Director of Business Development, where he oversaw significant growth in the federal civilian sector in the last 18 months.

As Vice President of Growth, Williams will be charged with shaping the future of CyKor. He will be responsible for identifying, developing, and executing strategic initiatives that drive growth, enhance competitiveness, and create new opportunities for the entire organization.

CyKor President Mike Guadagnini says Williams is a proven leader who injects positive energy into any room he enters.

“Phil has the great ability to authentically connect with people and genuinely understand and solve business challenges,” said Guadagnini. “He is a strategic thinker and attacks every day with a curiosity in supporting the customer’s mission.”

Prior to his time at CyKor, Williams spent two years in the offerings and solutions development division at Peraton where he managed strategic network offerings that were consumed across all verticals. Williams is also a retired federal employee, having spent a combined 22 years in service to the U.S. Coast Guard as an active duty member, contractor, and civilian employee. He takes great pride in his service, and has a passion for enhancing mission-related outcomes through stories that are not simply commodity IT acquisition engagements.

“Our customers have a lot of choices when it comes to IT service delivery,” said Williams. “It is our job to understand their vision and craft use case stories that do not require them to figure out integration. That needs to be a boilerplate service so our federal employees can focus on the mission that their respective agencies have charged them with.”

CyKor aims to build a legacy that impacts the world for positive change, working to be the best Value Add Reseller and Service Provider in the world. Williams in the VP of Growth role will play a pivotal role in shaping this vision into reality.

“Coming from a strong sports background, the word ‘potential’ has always been a dangerous description because a person or team could have all the potential in the world but never take advantage of their opportunities and maximize that potential,” said Guadagnini. “With Phil Williams as our new VP of Growth, we will maximize our potential at CyKor and create endless opportunities for success. Stealing a phrase from Phil, he is a ‘force multiplier’ in our industry and in life. I am honored he will continue to help shape team CyKor for the future.”


As he has transitioned into this new role, Williams shared his excitement and vision for CyKor.


What excites you about your new role as VP of Growth?

In my nearly two years with the company, we have already started down the path towards the level of business execution that we need to be at. I think this solidifies how serious we are about the future of IT services. What most excites me is that we are making a serious investment in a residency services practice. The engineering acumen here is like nothing I have ever been around in my professional career at scale, and I am excited to show that to our customers through thoughtful service delivery. I am just so honored to get to work with our partners and be that heavy duty engineering arm for service delivery. I am also excited to innovate and take some differentiated services to market.


What are some of your top priorities for your first six months in the role?

It’s always a long game in any growth vertical but in short order, we are going to focus on capturing and realigning our contracts verticals. I think it’s super important to create opportunities to have our customers reach us. We are out of the box thinkers here and have done a really good job at creating market opportunity in this space, but now we are going to put some resources behind our growth vertical and create opportunity over the next year or so. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.


Are there any challenges you see ahead, and if so, how are you preparing to address them?

I look at the landscape of federal services and it’s pretty vast. There is a lot of watered down contracting and solutions out there. I think the challenge is that you can’t be everything to everyone. I don’t think we are impervious to that either, so I want to focus on value to our customers and create CyKor champions in everything we do. That may be commitment to SI and OEM partners, but it is definitely commitment to our customers and putting their needs first. I want to ensure we fully understand the best solutions for each of our customers and help them integrate through thoughtful design, delivery, and accountability.