At CyKor’s recent Tech on Tap event in Panama City, FL, we led pivotal discussions and showcased our strategic partnerships with Cisco’s SD-WAN solutions, zero-trust security measures, Google’s vast solutions and the transformative potential of generative AI. The event was packed with insights and actionable strategies aimed at enhancing cybersecurity resilience and operational efficiency.

Event Highlights:

  • Cisco’s SD-WAN Solution: We showcased how Cisco’s solutions offer diverse options for virtual and physical devices, like deploying control components first, with methods including Cisco hosted cloud, managed service provider, or on-prem installation. We explored different edge platforms considering various Cisco DNA subscriptions for deployment, highlighting the importance of understanding the nuances of SD-WAN implementation.
  • Zero-trust Security Measures: We highlighted a Zero Trust model and framework for approaching enterprise security revolving around the principles of never assuming trust, always verifying, and enforcing least privilege access—also encouraging users to connect with security peers within their respected MILDEP to discuss implementation strategies and expectations.
  • Comply to Connect: The session included comply to connect, a foundational aspect of zero trust, emerged as a priority with sooner timelines and crucial implications for security.
  • Google’s High-End Solutions: Attendees gained valuable insights into Google’s focus on simplifying their services while maintaining robust security standards—including insight into Google’s high-security cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes technology, showcasing innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of government and military organizations.
  • Google Cloud Dual Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH): Discussions about Google Cloud’s power to air-gapped environments, enabling cloud services operation on ships or remote locations.
  • Generative AI: Google’s release of Gemini, a new version of their generative AI tool, showcases its capabilities in tasks ranging from proofreading emails to content creation — Generative AI’s ease of use and effectiveness in analyzing vast amounts of data make it invaluable for military applications.

This event served as a hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing, laying the groundwork for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in defense and government sectors. As technology continues to evolve, companies like CyKor, and its partnerships, serve as vital players in shaping the future of these critical sectors. Attendees left armed with insights and strategies to drive meaningful change within their respective agencies.

As we navigate an increasingly complex technological landscape, events like CyKor’s recent Tech on Tap serve as invaluable opportunities to stay informed, inspired, and equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Please stay connected with us as we continue to lead the charge in shaping the future of technology for government agencies, driving innovation and fostering partnerships that propel us towards a more secure and efficient future.


By Gabe Iacavone

Sales Associate Intern