At CyKor’s recent Tech on Tap in Washington, DC, we showcased our strategic partnerships and the robust solutions that Cisco brings to the table—particularly for our public sector clients. The event focused on several critical areas for enhancing cybersecurity resilience and operational efficiency across government agencies.

Event Highlights:

  • AI and Machine Learning Integration: We explored how AI and machine learning are not just buzzwords, but fundamental tools embedded in solutions like Cisco Secure Network Analytics and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) that dynamically predict, prevent, and respond to threats.
  • Zero Trust Architecture: The sessions provided a clear roadmap for adopting Zero Trust, emphasizing Cisco’s approach through policies and technologies that secure every endpoint and data interaction on the network, regardless of where access attempts are made.
  • Digital Transformation and Modernization: We explored the ongoing transformation initiatives within the public sector, emphasizing the necessity for seamless and secure integration across existing and new infrastructures facilitated by Cisco’s solutions like SD-Access and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).
  • Operational and Cybersecurity Resilience: A significant portion of the discussion was dedicated to resilience strategies, demonstrating how Cisco’s end-to-end security approach ensures robust defense against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Network Evolution: Insights were shared on the (r)evolution of network infrastructure to support vast amounts of data and complex operations without compromising security or performance, showcasing Cisco’s latest innovations in networking technology.

Our commitment along with Cisco is to ensure that our public sector clients not only stay ahead of technological trends, but also achieve the highest security and efficiency standards. The strategies and solutions we discussed are theoretical concepts and practical tools designed to empower agencies to meet their operational demands and secure their critical infrastructures against present and future challenges.

This event underscored CyKor’s dedication to bringing our public sector clients the latest and most robust cybersecurity solutions, ensuring they have the tools to protect and optimize their digital landscapes. Please stay connected with us for future insights and developments pushing the boundaries of technology and security!