An Interview with Brandon Thomas, Data Center Architect:

How important are Data Centers in our everyday lives?

Data Centers play a crucial role in our everyday lives, often operating behind the scenes to support the digital services and applications we rely on. From accessing cloud-based storage and streaming entertainment content to conducting online transactions and communicating with others through various platforms, data centers are integral to modern life.

Additionally, they provide a secure central point of information for larger corporations, facilitating better collaboration. CyKor has collaborated with corporations like these to centralize management and resource availability, leveraging data centers that span geographic locations and utilize cloud technology.

What are some future trends in Data Centers?

Some big upcoming trends in Data Centers include Edge Computing, AI & Machine Learning, and Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Architectures.

Edge Computing involves processing data closer to the source of generation rather than relying solely on centralized Data Centers or Cloud Computing resources. With the use of Hyper-converged systems, these edge Data Centers can be deployed with less physical and power-related requirements without the loss of performance.

How does CyKor support and/or solve Data Center problems?

With CyKor’s expanding partner list, we can deliver solutions tailored to our customers’ data requirements. We offer greater flexibility in acquiring the necessary tools to solve problems efficiently, without unnecessary extras.